MatchMaker Education Labs, PBC

MatchMaker Education Labs' core technology enables organizations
to produce meaningful matches between

Serving the Competency-based Learning Industry (CBLI) by making
learning assets and competency-based frameworks context aware.
MatchMaker's B2B solution enables our customers to
optimize recommendation engines as well as generate highly accurate gap analyses.
Best in Class Matches that deliver unquestioned accountability and legitimacy of results.

A Note from MatchMaker's CEO, Michael Jay

MatchMaker’s Mission is heartfelt and simple:

Liberate Learning!

Education and learning is far too important to leave to chance. We at MatchMaker Education Labs provide foundational technologies that can be integrated into existing educational offerings to make them more adaptable, relevant, accountable, personalizable, certifiable, findable, and so much more. Incorporated as a Public Benefits Corporation having a positive impact on education and learning plays a large role in defining our success. In April 2021, MatchMaker Education Labs was selected as a pilot program by the Open Skills Network (OSN) bringing the benefits we provide to leaders in the workforce development community. My colleagues and I are happy to discuss with you how your offerings might benefit from MatchMaker’s technology and finding ways we can work together to liberate learning.

Enter MatchMaker Education Labs:

MatchMaker's Customers' Competency-based Learning Assets and Frameworks

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