MatchMaker Education Labs, PBC

MatchMaker: Behind the Curtain of Context Aware Data

MatchMaker Complete Diagram

MatchMaker Education Labs’ rich matching technology, comprised of MatchMakers proprietary Intermediary and Inference Engine along with an expansive data-lake of descriptors offers:

  1. MatchMaker’s B2B customers actionable insights from MatchMaker enabled descriptors of their competency-based assets and frameworks. MatchMaker customers are empowered to efficiently and effectively respond to their customers’ requirements.

  2. MatchMaker B2B customers’ customers also receive actionable insights from our customers’ integrations and implementations. They too are able to efficiently and effectively respond to down-stream requirements; a positive and powerful network effect benefits MatchMaker’s entire customer-base.

As the efficacy of MatchMaker literally grows as usage grows, through the many and varied integrations and implementations of MatchMaker customers, ultimately, each and every learner is empowered to succeed in their unique learning journey.

Together with our customers, MatchMaker Education Labs strives to Liberate Learning!