MatchMaker Education Labs, PBC

MatchMaker Education Labs’ Solution

yields meaningful data relationships, i.e, MATCHES, by empowering data with contexual awaress.

MatchMaker Simple Diagram

MatchMaker produces Meaningful Matches (actionable, effective, accountable, and transparent)!

  1. MatchMaker is robust.
    MatchMaker offers extensibility, rapid expansion, and unique differentiation capabilities to all of our B2B customers. MatchMaker improves product development, sales, and efficient implementation.

  2. MatchMaker is turnkey.
    With MatchMaker, barriers to entry are removed and implementation is easy. MatchMaker integrates with our B2B customers’ existing infrastructure fitting seamlessly into their business work-flow by enabling the creation of detailed descriptors of your organization’s competency-based assets and frameworks.

  3. MatchMaker enables scale and sustainability.
    MatchMaker requires one-time creation of the descriptions of your competency-based assets and frameworks. Updates are automatic. No need to duplicate efforts. MatchMaker grows with your organization. As MatchMaker’s datalake fills with customer descriptors of their assets and/or frameworks, customer results get better and better!