MatchMaker a (B2B)2B Solution

MatchMaker’s early B2B customers, Creators and Distributors of Learning Assets in the Competency-Based Learning Industry (PreK-Gray) will find:

  1. improved speed and rigor in product development,
  2. more efficient product/service implementations,
  3. lowered costs of content creation and distribution,
  4. increased sales, and
  5. increased customer satisfaction across the entire value chain, (B2B)2B.

MatchMaker, like Teflon™ is actually a (B2B)2B Solution. As a well-known household name, Teflon™ provides a good analogy for understanding this type of market pass-through value-chain, i.e., (B2B)2B. Teflon is a tough, insoluble polymer, used in making non-sticking coatings for cookware, gaskets, bearings, etc. Responding to growing market demand for more sustainable, higher performing products, Teflon creates a competitive edge for their customers and their downstream customers. Teflon enables a wide range of businesses (from pots and pan manufacturers to bearing manufacturers) to innovate and in turn, bring added-value to their customers (from cooks to car manufacturers). Similarly, Matchmaker’s technology enables all of our customers (e.g., learning resources providers, governments, organizations, and institutions) to agily respond to growing market demand for more customizable, higher performing offerings that address their customers’ evolving needs while simultaneously exceeding oversight metrics.