Candidate Selection:
Legitimacy of Competencies Enabled

MatchMaker’s Customers:
Originating & Receiving Degree & Credential Granting Institutions

Degree- and credential-granting institutions integrate Matchmaker into their course catalogs.
In turn, originating and receiving admissions offices are empowered to effectively acknowledge learner competencies.

A student pursuing a mechanical engineering degree at the University of Texas is relocating and is transferring to the University of Vermont. While both degree granting programs address the same competencies, each program documents those competencies using different language and structure. Today, there is no easy way to confidently map completed course credits from the University of Texas to credentialing credits that the University of Vermont will accept. Enter MatchMaker Education Labs:

MatchMaker University Transfer Diagram

As a result of MatchMaker Education Labs’ rich matching technology that enables our customers to produce a highly accurate gap analysis, all parties in the credit transfer value chain win:

  1. Both the originating and the receiving institutions know exactly how applicants measure up to each set of program requirements.
  2. With minimal institutional effort, students can continue working toward their degree while receiving credit for their prior work.
  3. Employers receiving graduates know exactly what skills and competencies they are hiring into their organization. Students can more easily gain employment in their chosen field.