MatchMaker empowers the CBLI to be nimble.

The Competency-based Learning Industry (CBLI)
A Rapid Growth Industry

In the Competency-based Learning Industry, in this moment, the opportunity to
grow your business and/or improve your success metrics
has never been greater.

According to McKinsey & Company, the postsecondary education and training industry is estimated at $1.1 Trillion. Of this, estimated spending on US workforce-development programs which are overwhelmingly competency-based (everything from federal and state jobs programs, workforce training and certifications, community college, and employer training)—is greater than $300 Billion a year. In K-12 alone, spending on competency-based learning is projected to exceed $30 million in 2021. With significant growth anticipated in all areas of competency-based learning, the creation of effective enabling solutions for this market represents a massive business opportunity.

MatchMaker Education Labs' highly extensible B2B technology enables suppliers and organizations supporting the CBLI, to include:

  • publishers, platforms, products, service providers as well as
  • governments, organizations, and institutions,

to easily describe their relevant competency-based assets and/or frameworks using industry standard meta-data,
to develop and sell into any competency-based vertical looking to efficiently, effectively and meaningfully
sort, select, train, or teach candidates and learners.
Typical MatchMaker customer-use-cases include: enhanced
recommendation tools, precise gap analyses, and trusted certifications of alignment.

MatchMaker Education Labs enables MatchMaker customers to develop
best-in-class competency-based solutions for their customers.