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Strong Demand for Meaningful Mappings: MATCHES

To date, mapping technologies used by competency-based learning organizations to map competency-based learning assets and frameworks (even when enhanced by machine learning and artificial intelligence) produce mappings of questionable quality. As a result, governments, organizations, institutions, and businesses that rely on accountability requirements have been reluctant to accept the legitimacy of the mappings produced by these technologies. The Competency-based Learning Industry is looking for a solution that produces actionable, accountable, and transparent results, meaningful matches. Enter MatchMaker Education Labs:

MatchMaker's Customers' Competency-based Learning Assets and Frameworks

MatchMaker Function Diagram

MatchMaker Education Labs’ highly extensible B2B offering enables a wide-range of ecosystem participants to benefit from high quality matches. Please explore the MatchMaker in Action Tab. By examining a few very specific cases of common high-level scenarios from across the CBLI landscape, you will quickly see for yourself how MatchMaker enables our customers.