MatchMaker Education Labs is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC)

A Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) has a legal obligation to promote a public benefit and operate in a responsible and sustainable manner. A ‘public benefit’ is defined as a positive effect (or reduction of negative effects) including, but not limited to, effects of an artistic, charitable, cultural, economic, educational, environmental, literary, medical, religious, scientific or technological nature. In our case, we are primarily committed to the educational goal to Liberate Learning™. Every two years we have to generate a Benefit Report that includes:

  • The objectives established by the board of directors to promote our public benefit and best interests of those affected by our actions;
  • The standards adopted by the board to measure our progress towards these objectives;
  • Factual information based on those standards regarding our success in meeting our objectives; and
  • An assessment of our success in meeting the objectives and promoting our identified public benefit.

We made the conscious decision to incorporate as a PBC to ensure that our larger goals are well aligned with those who choose to invest and collaborate with us. While we are a for-profit entity, we are committed to generating large scale, sustainable change in how people learn and the infrastructure that supports that learning by creating sustainable solutions for those who serve the Competency-based Learning Industry (CBLI).

MatchMaker Education Labs seeks to Liberate Learning™.