Product Development:
Multi-Market Selling Enabled

MatchMaker’s Customer:
A K-12 Publisher

A K-12 publisher integrates MatchMaker to inform the development of a curricular offering.
In order to purchase, each K-12 jurisdiction must independently certify how well their needs are met by the offering.

Each year various states conduct textbook adoptions. While most states address largely the same standards, competencies, and skills, each jurisdiction documents their requirements using different language and organizational structure. Due to the nuanced differences between state and local curricular standards, the mapping of competencies, skills, and requirements across various jurisdictions has proven time consuming and costly for suppliers of learning resources and services. Enter MatchMaker Education Labs:

MatchMaker Publisher Align Content Diagram

As a result of MatchMaker Education Labs’ rich matching technology that enables our customers to produce a highly accurate gap analysis, all parties in the standards alignment value chain win:

  1. Suppliers of learning resources and services can cost-effectively customize product offerings to address each jurisdiction’s standards. MatchMaker enables CBL-suppliers to efficiently sell their offering into multiple markets.
  2. Jurisdictions can purchase offerings which transparently address their local needs.
  3. Instructors and students get access to learning resources that best address their state and local jurisdictional requirements.