Product Development:
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MatchMaker’s Customer:
An Employee Training Platform Company

A MatchMakered employee training platform company integrates and delivers a training program that
exceeds ALL customer requirements. Notably, follow-on purchase requires usage rates to exceed 70% per year.

An employee training platform company crafted an employee training program for their top customer, a large retail chain. The training program addresses all of the customer’s requirements. Yet, it is not being widely used. The employer wants the ability to personalize training resources to provide instructors and students just-in-time access to just-the-right learning resources. Current in-market solutions fall short of being able to offer true personalized learning pathways. The result, employers and employees are unable find content which best address their organization’s training needs. Enter MatchMaker Education Labs:

MatchMaker Locate Learning Resource Diagram

As a result of MatchMaker Education Labs’ rich matching technology that enables our customers to optimize recommendation engines, all parties in learning pathway value chain win:

  1. The training platform company ensures that their compelling and pertinent content can be easily found in real-time in order to personalize each unique learning pathway.
  2. Employers find the best learning resources to address their Work Force Development (WFD) needs.
  3. Employees have access to learning resources that enable them to master required competencies.