Growing Demand

Accelerated by the pandemic, market demand for personalization of learning experiences along with recognition of prior learning is on the rise. As demonstrated by the varied use-cases shared, it is clear that MatchMaker enables our customers’ to transform two key output processes on behalf of our customers’ as well as theirs:

  1. Gap Analyses Results- MatchMaker significantly boosts our customers’ ability to perform reliable and valid gap analyses. With MatchMaker context aware data in hand, our customers gain the ability to more accurately:

    • Develop and refine product offerings.
    • Sort and select candidates.
    • Determine candidate unmet competencies.

    With all the above enhancements, MatchMaker’s customers can also offer ‘certificates of alignment’ that the market fully accepts as legitimate.

  2. Recommendation Engine Results- MatchMaker takes the results of our customers’ existing engines to the next level. With context aware data in hand, our customers’ gain the ability to offer their customers just the right learning resource at just the right time.

Together with our customers, MatchMaker Education Labs strives to Liberate Learning!

Stay tuned for more 'MatchMaker in Action'!