Candidate Selection:
Military to Civilian Enabled

MatchMaker’s Customers:
The Veteran’s Administration (VA) & The Receiving Employer

The Veteran’s Administration’s HR organization integrates MatchMaker. In turn, with confidence,
MatchMakered city governments, hospitals, & technical schools receive rapid access to qualified job candidates.

Each year the Veterans Administration works diligently to place veterans into civilian roles. Even when there are known shortages in fields such as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), military certified skills are often not readily accepted by organizations seeking to hire EMTs. Enter MatchMaker Education Labs:

MatchMaker E M T Skills Match Diagram

As a result of MatchMaker Education Labs’ rich matching technology that enables our customers to produce a highly accurate gap analysis, all parties win through superior certification alignment.

  1. The Veterans Administration successfully places veterans into civilian roles, as promised in the recruitment process.
  2. Civilian organizations (e.g., cities, hospitals, clinics, businesses, etc.) confidently hire qualified veterans (job candidates).
  3. Veterans (job candidates) seamlessly transition into the civilian job market.