MatchMaker Education Labs' core technology enables organizations
to produce meaningful matches between

Serving the Competency-based Learning Industry (CBLI),
MatchMaker makes learning assets and frameworks contextually aware.

The Competency-based Learning Industry (CBLI)
A Rapid Growth Industry

In the Competency-based Learning Industry, in this moment, the opportunity to
grow your business and/or improve your success metrics
has never been greater.

According to McKinsey & Company, the postsecondary education and training industry is estimated at $1.1 Trillion. Of this, estimated spending on US workforce-development programs which are overwhelmingly competency-based (everything from federal and state jobs programs, workforce training and certifications, community college, and employer training)—is greater than $300 Billion a year. In K-12 alone, spending on competency-based learning is projected to exceed $30 million in 2021. With significant growth anticipated in all areas of competency-based learning, the creation of effective enabling solutions for this market represents a massive business opportunity.

MatchMaker Education Labs' highly extensible B2B technology enables suppliers and organizations supporting the CBLI, to include:

  • publishers, platforms, products, service providers as well as
  • governments, organizations, and institutions,

to easily describe their relevant competency-based assets and/or frameworks using industry standard meta-data,
to develop and sell into any competency-based vertical looking to efficiently, effectively and meaningfully
sort, select, train, or teach candidates and learners.
Typical MatchMaker customer-use-cases include: enhanced
recommendation tools, precise gap analyses, and trusted certifications of alignment.

MatchMaker Education Labs enables MatchMaker customers to develop
best-in-class competency-based solutions for their customers.

Strong Demand for Meaningful Mappings: MATCHES

To date, mapping technologies used by competency-based learning organizations to map competency-based learning assets and frameworks (even when enhanced by machine learning and artificial intelligence) produce mappings of questionable quality. As a result, governments, organizations, institutions, and businesses that rely on accountability requirements have been reluctant to accept the legitimacy of the mappings produced by these technologies. The Competency-based Learning Industry is looking for a solution that produces actionable, accountable, and transparent results, meaningful matches. Enter MatchMaker Education Labs:

MatchMaker's Customers' Competency-based Learning Assets and Frameworks

MatchMaker Function Diagram

MatchMaker Education Labs’ highly extensible B2B offering enables a wide-range of ecosystem participants to benefit from
high quality matches. Let’s explore how MatchMaker enables our customers, by examining a few very specific cases of common high-level scenarios from across the CBLI landscape…

Scenario: Job Transition - Case: Military to Civilian

The Veteran’s Administration’s HR provider integrates MatchMaker
with confidence, city governments, hospitals, & technical schools receive rapid access to qualified job candidates.

Each year the Veterans Administration works diligently to place veterans into civilian roles. Even when there are known shortages in fields such as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), military certified skills are often not readily accepted by organizations seeking to hire EMTs. Enter MatchMaker Education Labs:

MatchMaker E M T Skills Match Diagram

As a result of MatchMaker Education Labs’ rich matching technology, all parties win through superior certification alignment.

  1. The Veterans Administration successfully places veterans into civilian roles, as promised in the recruitment process.
  2. Civilian organizations (e.g., cities, hospitals, clinics, businesses, etc.) confidently hire qualified veterans (job candidates).
  3. Veterans (job candidates) seamlessly transition into the civilian job market.

Scenario-Product Development : Case Multi-Market Selling

A K-12 publisher integrates MatchMaker to inform the development of a curricular offering
in order to purchase, each K-12 jurisdiction must independently certify how well their needs are met by the offering.

Each year various states conduct textbook adoptions. While most states address largely the same standards, competencies, and skills, each jurisdiction documents their requirements using different language and organizational structure. Due to the nuanced differences between state and local curricular standards, the mapping of competencies, skills, and requirements across various jurisdictions has proven time consuming and costly for suppliers of learning resources and services. Enter MatchMaker Education Labs: MatchMaker Publisher Align Content Diagram

As a result of MatchMaker Education Labs’ rich matching technology, all parties in the standards alignment value chain win:

  1. Suppliers of learning resources and services can cost-effectively customize product offerings to address each jurisdiction’s standards. MatchMaker enables CBL-suppliers to efficiently sell their offering into multiple markets.
  2. Jurisdictions can purchase offerings which transparently address their local needs.
  3. Instructors and students get access to learning resources that best address their state and local jurisdictional requirements.

Scenario-Poor Product Uptake Rate : Case-Next Sale Dependency

An employee training platform company integrates and delivers a training program that meets all customer requirements
follow-on purchase, requires usage rates to exceed 70% per year.

An employee training platform company crafted an employee training program for their top customer, a large retail chain. The training program addresses all of the customer’s requirements. Yet, it is not being widely used. The employer wants the ability to personalize training resources to provide instructors and students just-in-time access to just-the-right learning resources. Current in-market solutions fall short of being able to offer true personalized learning pathways. The result, employers and employees are unable find content which best address their organization’s training needs. Enter MatchMaker Education Labs:

MatchMaker Locate Learning Resource Diagram

As a result of MatchMaker Education Labs’ rich matching technology, all parties in learning pathway value chain win:

  1. The training platform company ensures that their compelling and pertinent content can be easily found in real-time in order to personalize each unique learning pathway.
  2. Employers find the best learning resources to address their Work Force Development (WFD) needs.
  3. Employees have access to learning resources that enable them to master required competencies.

Scenario-Institutional Requisites : Case-Transfer Credit Recognition

Degree- and credential-granting institutions integrate Matchmaker into their course catalogs
both the originating and receiving admissions offices are empowered to effectively acknowledge learner competencies.

A student pursuing a mechanical engineering degree at the University of Texas is relocating and is transferring to the University of Vermont. While both degree granting programs address the same competencies, each program documents those competencies using different language and structure. Today, there is no easy way to confidently map completed course credits from the University of Texas to credentialing credits that the University of Vermont will accept. Enter MatchMaker Education Labs:

MatchMaker University Transfer Diagram

As a result of MatchMaker Education Labs’ rich matching technology, all parties in the credit transfer value chain win:

  1. Both the originating and the receiving institutions know exactly how applicants measure up to each set of program requirements.
  2. With minimal institutional effort, students can continue working toward their degree while receiving credit for their prior work.
  3. Employers receiving graduates know exactly what skills and competencies they are hiring into their organization. Students can more easily gain employment in their chosen field.

MatchMaker Education Labs

By contextualizing data, MatchMaker yields meaningful data relationships:

MatchMaker Simple Diagram

MatchMaker produces Meaningful Matches (actionable, effective, accountable, and transparent)!

  1. MatchMaker is robust.
    MatchMaker offers extensibility, rapid expansion, and unique differentiation capabilities to all of our B2B customers. MatchMaker improves product development, sales, and efficient implementation.

  2. MatchMaker is turnkey.
    With MatchMaker, barriers to entry are removed and implementation is easy. MatchMaker integrates with our B2B customers’ existing infrastructure fitting seamlessly into their business work-flow by enabling the creation of detailed descriptors of your organization’s competency-based assets and frameworks.

  3. MatchMaker enables scale and sustainability.
    MatchMaker requires one-time creation of the descriptions of your competency-based assets and frameworks. Updates are automatic. No need to duplicate efforts. MatchMaker grows with your organization. As MatchMaker’s datalake fills with customer descriptors of their assets and/or frameworks, customer results get better and better!

MatchMaker: Behind the Curtain of Contextual Awareness

MatchMaker Complete Diagram

MatchMaker Education Labs’ rich matching technology, comprised of MatchMakers proprietary Intermediary and Inference Engine along with an expansive data-lake of descriptors offers:

  1. MatchMaker’s B2B customers actionable insights from MatchMaker enabled descriptors of their competency-based assets and frameworks. MatchMaker customers are empowered to efficiently and effectively respond to their customers’ requirements.
  2. MatchMaker B2B customers’ customers also receive actionable insights from our customers’ integrations and implementations. They too are able to efficiently and effectively respond to down-stream requirements; a positive and powerful network effect benefits MatchMaker’s entire customer-base.

As the efficacy of MatchMaker literally grows as usage grows, through the many and varied integrations and implementations of MatchMaker customers, ultimately, each and every learner is empowered to succeed in their unique learning journey.

Together with our customers, MatchMaker Education Labs strives to Liberate Learning!

MatchMaker Education Labs, PBC

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